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Who we are

We are a boutique consulting firm  providing high level business management consulting support to selected clients throughout the world, thanks to our broad experience matured over  years both in auditings and business management consulting.



Help you grow your business. We help organisations to solve issues, create value, maximise growth and improve business performance


Our support

We offers to the entrepreneurs the instruments to identify their own position with respect to the continuous changes, to be able to adapt themselves to the developments, to implement the strategies, to carry out real improvements of operational performances, to maintain factors of competitive advantage.


Our methodology

Our work is collaborative, involving client personnel and resources and the transfer of skills to the client. We work against specific objectives with clearly-established outcomes and timing, contributing to client business goals. On giving our support to you, we utilize standard methodologies, already experimented during the years. In any cases all the tasks are fitted to your practical context and defined on the basis of your specific requirements.


Our Professionals

Our work is performed by high skilled professionals, with different backgrounds; this enables us to manage also complex projects and to offer you a specialized consulting service. Our Managing Executive Team is formed by:




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Gianni Ferrari

Gianni Ferrari - Founder and Owner


Business Advisor

Restaurant Service Master “Maestro della Ristorazione”

Mob 07586737118

Email: [email protected]

Maurizio Rossitto - PR & HR Consultant


CIPD Level 3 Certificate

Human Resource Management

Mob 07453361664

Email [email protected]