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We can help you to test the feasibility of a new business

Sadly, not all great ideas translate into great businesses. Even if you have thought of a fantastic product or service, you need the right business model, pricing, funding, marketing and people to make it work – and of course, enough customers willing to pay for it.

So how do you know if your idea is worth pursuing? The first step towards determining whether your business idea has legs is to carry out extensive market research. You need to establish if there is a market for your business, and whether this is big enough to make the venture a success.


We can help you to develop a business plan

In our experience, the process of creating and writing a business plan is as valuable as the end product itself - a document that will provide the priorities, context and sanity you’ll need as you start up your business.

Just remember that the most important audience for a business plan is you! You will be forced to be accountable to all of the statements, claims, stats and facts inside of it. You may also use your business plan as a tool to generate interest from financiers, prospective clients and suppliers and strategic partners.


We can help you to choose the right legal structure

When starting a business, your decision on how to structure it is an important one. It is worth thinking carefully about which structure best suits the way that you intend to do business. This will affect which authorities you have to notify and deal with, the way you pay tax and National Insurance, the records and accounts that you have to keep, your financial liability if the business runs into trouble, the ways your business can raise money and the way management decisions are made about the business.

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