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We can help you becoming Interglocal

Interglocal is a neologism stays for INTERnational, GLObal and loCAL. The term InterGloCal refers to the individual, group, division, unit, organization, and community which are willing and able to “think globally and act both locally and internationally”.


We can help you facing international barriers

To achieve a better understanding of what international investments encompass and the barriers that international operations face, it is convenient to think of internationalization in terms of crossing political, economic, social, cultural, and structural boundaries.


We can help you getting maximum results from International Trade Fairs

Taking part in overseas exhibitions is an effective way for you to test markets, attract customers, appoint agents or distributors and make sales. Our International Trade Fair programme (ITF) is designed to enable you to take part in overseas exhibitions as part of an organised group or independently to help you research your chosen market. Aimed at new exporters who need assistance in using exhibitions as a key tool in their trade development plans.


We can help you gathering information about international markets

High-quality research is essential before starting to export to a new market The first step is to identify which markets you could successfully sell your products to. The basics of this are similar to selling in your country: understanding customers and why they buy from you. Once you have an idea of possible export locations, it is time to check the details. At the end of this initial research process, you should know everything from local customs and business practices through to potential market size and how best to serve it.


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Interglocal development