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We can help you dealing with specific regulations

Although open an activity 'in London is not difficult from a bureaucratic point of view there are some unique characteristics and habits of the Anglo-Saxon world which differ fairly substantially from Latin and Italian world in particular. Obviously this is not the place where explain step by step all the necessary bureaucratic procedures.

We mention only that in UK for the opening of an activity of food and beverage do not need licenses or special permits (but, however, need a license to serve food and a dual license - staff and the building ( premise) - to serve alcohol), do not necessarily subscribe to the Chambers of Commerce (although we usually suggest subscribing to the Italian Chamber of Commerce and other institutions of local food and beverage), but however the room used as a selling point It must fall, to be able to carry out a food and beverage business, in one of the categories provided by the Town and Country Planning. Then there are all of a very specific set of regulations regarding Fire and Health Standards Regulations, in addition to other various regulations.


We can help introducing you to specialised operators

Thank you to our specific expertise and our large network of contacts in the sector, we can introduce you to food and beverage supplier, distributors and agents, depositaries, warehouses, licensing specialists, solicitors, etc..


We can help to manage, control and evaluate daily operations

We can help to manage supply chain problems, to perform suppliers review, food cost analysis, usage and wastage analysis, operational control, cash control system, budget and forecast.

We can help to improve efficiency and profitability

We can help you to improve and become more efficient in different areas such as: menu engineering, recipe costing, productivity based labour management, structured expense budgeting, weekly reporting and measurement, occupancy cost Improvements.


We can help you managing events to promote your business

We can help you to manage events to promote your business. We can even organise Master Classes to present your products and be introduced to a selected audience of specialist operators. We can help you to search and identify the best venues, manage all the different aspects of the event, follow PR and the marketing of the event, managing the budget and handling any post event requirements.

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