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We can help you to plan and start a new business

Once a feasibility study and an evaluation of the market have been performed, we can help you to develop your concept, a business plan, a marketing research, raising finance, support you on deciding the location, projecting the format, buying equipment, forming a legal entity, dealing with registration and licenses and insurance requirements.


We can help you preparing a business plan

Even the smallest business needs a plan for the future. Whether it needs in order to set their own targets for giving information to banks and investors.  In our experience, the process of creating and writing a business plan has as much value as and more 'of the finished product in itself - a document that provides the priorities' the context and common sense of the project in the start-up phase.

It should be noted that the most 'important audience for a business plan are the same promoters, so you! Preparing a business plan will be required to examine all the facts, statements, assumptions, goals that will be part of the same. You can also use the business plan as a tool to generate interest in possible lenders and suppliers, but also even in potential partners and customers.

Although a business plan can vary from case to case, and may differ in methods of presentation typically it consists of the following parts: Executive Summary, Summary of the organization, Market Analysis, Products and Services, Strategies and Ways' project implementation, summar


We can help choosing the right legal structure

When starting a business, your decision on how to structure it is an important one. It is worth thinking carefully about which structure best suits the way that you intend to do business. This will affect which authorities you have to notify and deal with, the way you pay tax and social contributions, the records and accounts that you have to keep, your financial liability if the business runs into trouble, the ways your business can raise money and the way management decisions are made about the business.


We can help you raising finance

We can help you to raise finance on other ways than traditional avenues such as banks to raise funds. Here's some opportunities for your start-up idea:

•Crowdfunding is a way of raising money by asking a large amount of people to each invest a small amount of money. There are different types of crowdfunding: donation, equity and debt.

•Angel investment when an investor makes use of their personal disposable finance to provide equity finance to a business. In exchange, the investor will normally take shares in the business. An angel investor will normally take an active interest in your business in order to see a strong return on their investment and will support you with their knowledge and experience. Angel investors expect to see a return on their investment within three to eight years

•Start-Up Loans. The UK government is aiming to boost the UK economy by offering loans to aspiring entrepreneurs to get their businesses up and running, through its Start Up Loans scheme.

•Grants. The UK government sets aside a portion of taxpayers’ money each year to put towards business grants and funding new enterprise. The money is distributed through national and local organisations that you apply to, and who then decide if you’re eligible for funding.

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