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We can help you identifying a winning marketing strategy

A market strategy is the process or model that allows to best use limited resources towards the best opportunities to increase revenue and achieve sustainable competitive advantages. A market strategy helps to focus on different techniques and marketing opportunities and to identify the different ways in which you can keep in touch with clients and targets, focusing primarily on those that give greater return in terms of sales. It will also help to understand what is best to say, how to say it and why to say in order to increase sales. And since time is another critical aspect, it is also understands when to say it.


We can help you preparing a marketing plan

When the marketing strategy has been developed, it is usually written down in a formal document called Marketing Plan. A marketing plan explains how to put the strategy into action. It defines marketing budgets and deadlines as well as the guidelines of how to approach the target and what channels and better to use.


We can help you identifying the best pricing

In marketing, the price is considered one of the 4P (product, price, place, promotion), that is one of the marketing mix variables. The pricing is the most important profit leverage at all, but many people widely underestimate its impact. There are many factors that affect the method of determining the selling price. These factors and the different possible pricing mode of your product should be carefully considered especially in such a competitive environment such as the UK and London in particular.


We can help you identifying your positioning and USP

Positioning is not that the way in which the new company will be designed by customers, positioning means orient customers with specific and distinctive offerings. Your customers need a special reason to come to you instead of your competition. If you want to offer something truly unique, it is necessary to go beyond a standard offer.

Yes, you must have first-class products, but offering this, you are just meeting the minimum expectations of your customers. You're not giving them a unique reason to choose you instead of what would also propose certain your competition. What you need is something original to sell. Something more 'the best product or the best service. You need a unique selling proposition (USP). A unique USP is not the best product or the best service. It must be an emotion that you offer to people, whether it's nostalgia, atmosphere, or something else. People remember emotions for longer than you remember the product and service. If you can create a real emotional connection with your customers, they will remember you for much more time to what product or service they have bought.

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