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Our Mission: help you to grow your business

We help organisations to solve issues, create value, maximise growth and improve business performance

Our primary purpose

Our primary purpose is to help entrepreneurs and managers in the most important areas of their business providing the highest degree of service, value and result. We can help you in these main areas:


Strategy & Value Creation

Communication & Promotion

Marketing & Sales

Profitability & Efficiency

Financial & Accountancy


We provide results in form of added value (and no results based on time or deliverables)

Our work philosophy is not based on the time taken (as most of the consultants is used to doing) but the “added value” that we believe we are able to give our customer. We preliminary identify  the main objectives of the work and how to measure the success of the project in order to allow the customer to identify the “added value” obtained from the investment that is going to do. Our main goal is to perceive our prospect that working with us is not spending money but is making an investment that will bring a return in the form of substantial “added value”.


Our methodology also provides always the possibility for the customer to choose from different options. Each option provides a level of intervention gradually more detailed and articulated, although each next option includes all the provisions from the previous option. For each phase, the potential customer is free to choose the option that is most suitable for them, even though we obviously suggest choosing the most complete and detailed option in order to receive the highest return in terms of “added value”.


Network and Partnerships

Our work is performed with the cooperation of an international network of high skilled professionals, with different backgrounds; this enables us to manage also complex projects and to offer you a specialized support.


Profila - Unlimited Service Group Srl

Business solution for internationalization in North and South America

Italy and United Kingdom

Chile, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Mexico


BEE - Bridge for European Enterprise

International network of consultants specialised in providing high level business management and legal consulting support to selected clients throughout Central Europe

United Kingdom and Italy

Central Europe: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary


Digital Media

Digital support, social media management, websites development.

Italy and United Kingdom